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Food Truck Billing Software for

Experience effortless billing with QueueBuster Android POS, a top-of-the-line Food truck billing solution designed for speed, accuracy, and quality of service. This POS software is perfectly mobile for your food truck or food cart. In the interest of shelf space, you can ditch the legacy billing machine and opt for a smartphone or a smaller Android Payment machine and use QueueBuster on that.

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Key Features

Menu Management

Menu Management

Menu Management

A dynamic and easily accessible menu system that can be displayed digitally or physically, allowing quick modifications, and showcasing available items, pricing, and descriptions while catering to the limited space within a food truck.

An easy to customize menu system based on customer preferences, dietary restrictions, and seasonal availability of ingredients.
QueueBuster Android Billing system is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with clear categories, subcategories, and item descriptions.
Easily create combos to bundle multiple items together at a discounted or combo prices.
QR Ordering

Contactless Ordering

Contactless Ordering

A food truck requires the most important feature which is contactless ordering so that it can manage the long queue in rush hours and run the billing smoothly.

Provide detailed product descriptions and high-quality images for each item to help customers make informed decisions while placing their orders online.
Offer a variety of payment options such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and net banking to ensure seamless and hassle-free transactions for customers.
Seamlessly integrate QR technology into your food truck operations for swift, contactless ordering and payment processing.
KOT Management

Integrated Hub for Online Orders

Integrated Hub for Online Orders

Integration with third-party food aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy to manage online orders. This feature allows the food truck to efficiently handle orders received through online platforms and sync them with their operational workflow.

Seamlessly connect your QB Food Truck Billing system with popular online food aggregators such as Zomato and Swiggy. Enjoy real-time order synchronization.
Access a centralized dashboard within your Food Truck Billing software, providing an instant overview of all online orders. Monitor order statuses, customer preferences, and order details in one place.
Experience automated inventory tracking through QB Food Truck POS. As online orders are received and processed, your inventory levels are automatically adjusted, preventing over-selling, optimizing stock management, and enhancing order fulfillment accuracy.

Modifiers & Combos Management

Modifiers & Combos Management

Offering flexibility in orders by allowing modifications and combos. This feature ensures that customers can customize their meals to suit their preferences while streamlining order preparations within the limited space and resources of the food truck.

Effortlessly update and customize your menu with a dynamic configuration feature integrated into QB Food Truck Billing system. Easily add, modify, or remove modifiers and combo options.
Enhance kitchen efficiency with an intelligent order assembly system embedded in QB food truck billing software. The system optimizes workflow based on selected modifiers and combos.
Extend modifiers and combos management to your customer-facing app, allowing patrons to enjoy a user-friendly ordering experience. Enable customers to customize their meals effortlessly through the app.

Other Important Features for Food Truck Billing Software


Our comprehensive solution empowers your mobile culinary venture with precision and efficiency. Seamlessly manage orders, streamline payments, and track sales on the go with our user-friendly Android POS interface. Enjoy the flexibility of on-the-move operations without compromising on functionality. Effortlessly handle menu modifications, track inventory, and ensure smooth transactions with our intuitive platform designed for the unique needs of food trucks.

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Seamlessly manage your relationships with vendors and suppliers. Tack orders, manage inventory, and view purchase history all in one place.

Raw Material Management

Raw Material Management

Optimize inventory levels and reduces waste by accessing real-time tracking and forecasting of raw materials needed for restaurant operations.

Support Split Payment

Support Split Payment

Enable flexibility in payment options, as customers can split payments between multiple methods.

Hold Order & No Charge Order

Hold Order & No Charge Order

Hold order allows customers to reserve their order for a later time, while no charge order allows for items to be added to the order without any payment.

Multi-Outlet Management

Multi-Outlet Management

Manage multiple locations or outlets from a central platform. You can view sales, inventory, and employee performance across all locations.

Promotions & Discounting

Promotions & Discounting

This feature allows you to create and manage promotions and discounts for your customers.

Order Management

Order Management

Streamline the process of taking and fulfilling orders, take advantage of real-time tracking and notifications for efficient order preparation and delivery.

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QB transformed our operations across multiple locations, offering user-friendly billing. The best part was how they seamlessly integrated our SAP, customer rewards and other software that we were already using.

Neeraj Katariya

Chief Digital Officer

Pure Home & Living (DLF Brands)

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QueueBuster has been our trusted partner for three years, powering our 60+ outlets. The billing software is very robust and effortless. Their responsive support team understands and resolves our grievances seamlessly.

Deshvardhan Sudhan

Ops Head, North Region


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The seamless integration of QueueBuster allows us to monitor our stock levels in real-time, ensuring our customers never miss out on their favorite nutritious treats.

Vikas D Nahar

Founder and CEO


company logo

We explored numerous POS solutions for our pubs and grocery stores, but none provided us with the ideal fit until we discovered QueueBuster. The QueueBuster POS solution is highly flexible and reasonably priced.

Chima Uba

Head, Digital Products & Transformation

Heineken, Nigeria

company logo

This software has transformed the way we manage inventory at Rare Planet. With its cutting-edge Point of Sales solution, we now have complete control of our business ops.

Ranodeep Saha


Rare Planet

company logo

Our business model at Henney Bear operates through kiosks, shelf space is vital for us. QB is a mini miracle POS software that works on the smallest devices but delivers the largest impact.

Amit Singh

Franchise Owner, India

Henney Bear

company logo

The best part about QB is it doesn’t take much shelf space as it can be used on mobile payment terminals. True to its name, it's not just busting queues but completely transforming the overall customer experience.

Samiran Sengupta

CEO & Founder



FAQs for Food Truck POS Billing Software

Can I easily customize the menu based on customer preferences and dietary restrictions?

Yes, QueueBuster's dynamic menu system allows effortless customization to cater to specific customer preferences, dietary restrictions, and seasonal ingredient availability.

How user-friendly is the menu system?

The menu system is designed for easy navigation with clear categories, subcategories, and item descriptions, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable ordering experience for customers.

Can I align the menu system with my food truck's branding?

Absolutely, the menu system is consistent with your food truck's branding, including font, color scheme, and overall design, providing a cohesive and branded customer experience.

How does the contactless ordering feature work for managing queues during rush hours?

Our contactless ordering feature allows customers to place orders online, reducing physical queues. Detailed product descriptions and high-quality images aid customers in making informed decisions.

What payment options are available for online orders?

We offer a variety of payment options, including credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and net banking, ensuring seamless and hassle-free transactions for customers.

Is there customer support available for assistance during the ordering process?

Yes, we provide a customer support system, including a chatbot, email support, or a dedicated helpline, to promptly address any queries or concerns related to the ordering process.

How does the integration with third-party aggregators benefit my food truck?

Integrating with platforms like Zomato and Swiggy allows real-time order synchronization, streamlining online orders with your operational workflow for efficient handling.

What information can I monitor on the centralized dashboard for online orders?

The centralized dashboard provides an instant overview of online orders, allowing you to monitor order statuses, customer preferences, and order details in one convenient location.

How does automated inventory tracking work for online orders?

The QB Food Truck Billing system automatically adjusts inventory levels as online orders are received and processed, preventing over-selling and enhancing order fulfillment accuracy.

Can I easily update and customize the menu with modifiers and combos?

Yes, QueueBuster's dynamic configuration feature allows you to effortlessly add, modify, or remove modifiers and combo options, providing flexibility in orders.

How does the intelligent order assembly system enhance kitchen efficiency?

The system optimizes workflow based on selected modifiers and combos, ensuring streamlined order preparations within the limited space and resources of the food truck.

Is the modifiers and combos management available on the customer-facing app?

Yes, patrons can enjoy a user-friendly ordering experience on the app, enabling them to customize meals effortlessly and enhance their overall ordering satisfaction.

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How QueueBuster Food Truck Billing Software Helps You Manage Your Restaurant Better?

Meet QueueBuster Food Truck Billing Software – your food truck's new best friend. In the world of small kitchens on wheels, where simplicity is key, QueueBuster steps in to make running your food truck a breeze. Let’s look at why QueueBuster is the game-changer of your business model.

Everything in One Place for Smoother Work:

QueueBuster Food Truck Billing Software makes your food truck run more smoothly. It puts all the important stuff in one easy-to-use system. So, updating your menu or changing things around becomes quick and simple. This is super helpful in a small food truck where every bit of space is valuable. The system also helps you keep up with what customers like and makes sure your menu fits the season.

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