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An Absolute Cloud Dashboard Enabling Business Access

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QueueBuster gives you a gateway to an all-adaptive Cloud Dashboard facilitating secure business operations without occupying your device’s storage.

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Trusted By 65,000+ Merchants

Backup and Accessibility

Bulk Data Management

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Whether managing extensive product catalogs, customer databases, or sales records, QueueBuster simplifies the process, enhancing productivity and performance.

With Bulk Data Management, businesses can effortlessly import, update, and export substantial data..

Allows businesses to perform bulk data edits and updates, , preventing errors and discrepancies in their records..

It accommodates the growing needs of businesses, making it a versatile solution for both small enterprises and large chains.

Real-time statistics

Data Tracking and Monitoring

data tracking

QueueBuster simplifies data monitoring and tracking, allowing businesses to control information, enabling better decision-making, and enhancing operational efficiency.

QB Cloud Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your data, , ensuring you can track all critical information in one place..

It helps make informed decisions based on real-time data insights,improving overall performance

It optimizes processes and enhances the efficiency of daily business operations

Multiple Stores, One Dashboard

Multi Outlet Management

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QueueBuster’s cloud dashboard centralizes control, structures operations, and ensures consistency and efficiency across all outlets.

Enables management of multiple locations from a single dashboard,, reducing operational complexities..

It helps maintain consistency in product offerings, pricing, and branding, ensuring a uniform customer experience across all outlets.

QueueBuster is essential for businesses planning to expand, enabling seamless scaling and growth

Other Highlights

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data backup

Manage Promotions & Discounts

Effortlessly track and control your inventory using barcode scanning technology, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

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Detailed Reporting

Gain access to comprehensive, centralized reporting, providing insights into your business operations, inventory, and sales across various channels.

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Device Management

Effectively manage and monitor product expirations to reduce waste and maintain quality, ensuring your inventory remains fresh and safe.

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Centralized Cloud Reporting On Your Fingertips!

Easily access and use important business data with Centralized Cloud Reporting in QueueBuster. It’s like having all your key information right at your fingertips, making it simple to make informed decisions and manage your business effectively.

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Businesses Grow 10X Consistently With Cloud-Based POS

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Enhanced Transparency


Loss Prevention

Industries We Serve


Don't Take Our Word For It!

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QB transformed our operations across multiple locations, offering user-friendly billing. The best part was how they seamlessly integrated our SAP, customer rewards and other software that we were already using.

Neeraj Katariya

Chief Digital Officer

Pure Home & Living (DLF Brands)

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QueueBuster has been our trusted partner for three years, powering our 60+ outlets. The billing software is very robust and effortless. Their responsive support team understands and resolves our grievances seamlessly.

Deshvardhan Sudhan

Ops Head, North Region


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The seamless integration of QueueBuster allows us to monitor our stock levels in real-time, ensuring our customers never miss out on their favorite nutritious treats.

Vikas D Nahar

Founder and CEO


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We explored numerous POS solutions for our pubs and grocery stores, but none provided us with the ideal fit until we discovered QueueBuster. The QueueBuster POS solution is highly flexible and reasonably priced.

Chima Uba

Head, Digital Products & Transformation

Heineken, Nigeria

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This software has transformed the way we manage inventory at Rare Planet. With its cutting-edge Point of Sales solution, we now have complete control of our business ops.

Ranodeep Saha


Rare Planet

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Our business model at Henney Bear operates through kiosks, shelf space is vital for us. QB is a mini miracle POS software that works on the smallest devices but delivers the largest impact.

Amit Singh

Franchise Owner, India

Henney Bear

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The best part about QB is it doesn’t take much shelf space as it can be used on mobile payment terminals. True to its name, it's not just busting queues but completely transforming the overall customer experience.

Samiran Sengupta

CEO & Founder



Own a Multi-Store or a Large Business?

Connect with our enterprise sales experts and get comprehensive solutions tailored for your large business.

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Easy Onboarding

QueueBuster POS Billing Software offers a seamless onboarding experience, ensuring a user-friendly and hassle-free transition for businesses.

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Tailormade Solutions

Accompanied by tailored features and functionalities, our software ensures a personalized and efficient approach to meeting diverse business needs.

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Cloud Backup

Ensure the security and accessibility of your data with QueueBuster Cloud Billing Software's backup feature. Safeguard critical information in the cloud.

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Dedicated Support

Experience unparalleled assistance with QueueBuster’s dedicated support. Our committed team is ready to provide personalized guidance, prompt resolution, and ongoing support.

FAQs for Cloud Dashboard Management

What is QueueBuster Cloud Dashboard?

QueueBuster Cloud Dashboard is a centralized management tool designed for businesses, offering features like bulk data management, monitoring, and multi-outlet management from a single platform.

How does QueueBuster Cloud Dashboard facilitate bulk data management?

It simplifies bulk data management by allowing users to efficiently upload, update, and manage large sets of data, including products, prices, and customer information.

What kind of data can I track and monitor using QueueBuster Cloud Dashboard?

You can track and monitor various types of data, such as sales trends, inventory levels, customer behavior, and staff performance, to gain insights for optimizing your business.

Can QueueBuster Cloud Dashboard handle multi-outlet management?

Yes, it supports multi-outlet management, enabling businesses with multiple locations to oversee operations, sales, and inventory across all outlets through a unified platform.

Is QueueBuster Cloud Dashboard suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Absolutely, it is designed to cater to businesses of various sizes, offering scalability and flexibility to meet the specific needs of each business

How secure is the data managed on QueueBuster Cloud Dashboard?

QueueBuster Cloud Dashboard prioritizes data security by employing encryption protocols and secure access controls to protect all managed data against unauthorized access.

Can I access QueueBuster Cloud Dashboard from mobile devices?

Yes, it is accessible from mobile devices, providing a responsive interface for tracking, monitoring, and managing your business operations conveniently on smartphones and tablets.

Does QueueBuster Cloud Dashboard offer real-time data updates?

Yes, it provides real-time data updates, allowing you to view key metrics like sales and inventory levels in real-time for proactive decision-making.

How user-friendly is QueueBuster Cloud Dashboard for business owners and managers?

QueueBuster Cloud Dashboard is user-friendly, featuring an intuitive interface that enables business owners and managers to easily navigate the platform, access reports, and perform tasks without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

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