Vendor payments


     1. The vendor payment form is used to maintain         all the credit purchases done from our vendors          & suppliers.

     2.For every credit purchase, create a vendor invoice and update the same whenever the payment is made.

    3.The form shows unpaid, partially or fully paid invoices thereby helping a retailer keep track of the finances.


To create a Vendor Invoice:

  1. Click on the Sliding Menu (≡)
  2. Click on VENDOR INVOICE under the INVENTORY







  1. The page shows all previous vendor invoices created in the system
  2. In order to create a new invoice, click the button plus (+)
  3. Provide the relevant information in the form
  4. Press SAVE
















             MAKE VENDOR PAYMENTS                     

  1. Whenever a payment is made to the vendors, click on MAKE PAYMENT
  2. Provide the amount, mode of payments from the dropdown and remarks
  3. Press SAVE
  4. You can add multiple payments to the vendor following the above step
  5. The status of the invoice changes from UNPAID to PARTIALLY PAID or PAID accordingly