To manage the products on QueueBuster™: 

  1. Click on the Sliding Menu (≡)
  2. Click on Catalogue.


The subsequent page contains the list of products categories






    1. To create a new product
    • Click on plus (+) symbol


    1. To edit an existing product


    • Click the category where the product is located


    • Click on the product name to edit it


    BULK EDIT products i.e. Create or Edit multiple products simultaneously, use WEB DASHBOARD





Add Product Form:


  1. Enter the product name
  2. Click on the square box to add an image if required
  3. Pick a predefined product category or CREATE NEW category
  4. Pick a predefined product brand or CREATE NEW brand
  5. Select a measurement unit from Piece/ Kilogram/ Litre/ Metre
  6. Enter selling price and click on add MRP and Purchase price if required
  7. Check on the box PRICE INCLUDES TAX* if listed selling price includes taxes. This means that the listed price of the product includes the applicable taxes and no other charges would be levied on the final amount
  8. Pick applicable taxes or CREATE NEW tax
  9. Pick applicable charges or CREATE NEW charge


 Toggle the switch Track Inventory to       manage the inventory of this product






Toggle the switch Track Inventory to manage the inventory of this product


  1. Enter the currently available quantity.
  2. Enter Stock Alert Level quantity.
  3. Enter other details like size, colour, barcode, SKU (stock keeping unit), hsn/sac code and description.
  4. Click on save button to save the product.




In order to create multiple size variants or to create the duplicate of an existing product:


  1. Click on the Sliding Menu (≡)


  1. Click on Catalogue> Products>


  1. A list of products categories will appear


  1. Click the category where the desired product is located


  1. Click on the DUPLICATE button next to the product name to create multiple size variants for the same product


  1. Enter the Size, Barcode, SKU & Price.


  1. Click SAVE