To access the miscellaneous settings of the QueueBuster™ system:

  1. Click on the Sliding Menu (≡)

  2. Click on SETTINGS





On the settings page, scroll down the screen till you see the options shown in the attached photograph.

App settings

  1. Show Products on Home Page

    • By default, the home page (SELL page) contains the product categories. In order to access a product, one has to first select the category and then select the required product.

    • By enabling this option, all the products are directly visible on the home screen itself.

    • This option is useful if you have less than 100 product SKUs in total.

  2. Ask Quantity on Product Click

    • By enabling this option, the system will ask to enter the quantity purchased by a customer while adding products to the cart.

    • This option is ideal when products are normally purchased in large quantities.

  3. Show products images
    • Chose this option if you want to see the product images as well at various places such as SELL (customer invoicing section).
  4. Enable scanning through external barcode scanner

    • Enable this option if you want to use an external Bluetooth Barcode scanner with the application.

    • QueueBuster™ will use the device's built-in camera to scan the Barcode on The Magic Box or any other Android device unless this option is enabled.

Chain level settings

  1. Inventory Managed

    • Enables inventory management throughout the chain

  2. Allow variable pricing

    • This allows a cashier to update the price of a product while generating an invoice.

  3. Allow open item

    • This allows a cashier to create an item in run-time while generating an invoice.

    • The cashier gets the option to assign taxes, charges etc. while generating an open item.

    • The same is also captured in various reports at the end of the day.

  4. Rounding of final amount

    • Enable this option if you want the final bill (invoice) amount to be rounded off to the nearest integer value.

    • This option is enabled by default.

  5. Allow Open Bill

    • This allows the cashier to generate a bill of a specific amount.

    • Process: Start an open bill with the desired amount (taxes and charges). Add the required items. Generate bill. All the items in the bill are charged at Rs. 0 (or your outlet currency) and the final bill is generated of the amount mentioned at the start.