Manage User Accounts



Go to Users in the main menu:

  • A list of all available Users, along with their userIDs, usernames, roles, phone numbers, emails, stores they are assigned to and actionable (Edit/Delete) can be viewed.
  • Each user can either be edited or deleted.
  • A new User can be created by clicking on + Create New User.


To create a new User, click on + Create New User button:

  • Enter the Users complete name.
  • Enter the Username and password.
  • Enter the basic information like gender, phone number, and email.
  • Choose a role from the set of predefined roles in the drop down.
  • Choose the store from the list of available stores.
  • Click SAVE, the User is added.

Note 1

  • One can create as many users (staff) as needed without incurring any additional cost

Note 2: Pre-defined roles

  • An admin can add new users, buy new licenses and perform everything else that the system has to offer

  • A manager can do everything that an executive staff does plus provide discounts, void orders, manage product catalog and check reports

  • An executive staff can only generate bills and perform basic inventory management.


To edit User, click on the  button:

  • The existing User detail can be viewed on the screen.
  • The basic information (name,username/gender) and address/contact information can be updated.
  • The role of the user can be changed to any of the other predefined roles from the drop down.
  • The assigned store can be updated as well.
  • Click on SAVE, to save the changes made.


To delete User, click on  button:

  • A pop-up appears verifying the action.
  • Click on Yes if you are sure of deleting the user, else click No.