Manage Taxes



Go to Taxes under the Manage tab:

  • Select the store from the list of available stores.
  • A list of all available Taxes, along with products, percentage, parent tax and actionables(Edit/Delete) can be viewed.
  • Each tax can either be edited or deleted.
  • A new tax can be created by clicking on + Create Tax.


To create a Tax, click on + Create Tax button:

  • Select the Store from the list of available stores.
  • Enter the Tax name and the tax percentage.
  • Select the Parent Tax(if applicable) from the list of added taxes.
  • Select the products that need to be added to the new Tax.
    • You may search for a specific product by typing the name in the search bar.
    • You can alter the number of products you see on the screen between 10 - 100.
  • Click SAVE, the Tax is added.


To edit tax, click on the  button:

  • The existing Tax detail can be viewed on the screen.
  • The name, percentage and parent tax can be updated.
  • The products under this tax can be removed/added.
  • Click on SAVE, to save the changes made.


To delete Tax, click on  button:

  • A pop-up appears verifying the action.
  • Click on Yes if you are sure of deleting the tax, else click No.