Manage Measurement Units



Go to Measurement Unit under the Master Data tab:

  • A list of all available Units, along with their article, percentage, conversion factor, base unit and actionable(Edit/Delete) can be viewed.
  • A new unit can be created by clicking on + Create New Unit.

Note: You cannot change system defined units like Piece, Kilogram, Litre etc. Those appear in a disabled state as shown in the picture.



To create a Unit, click on + Create New Unit button:

  • Enter the Unit name.
  • Add the conversion factor and the base unit from the drop down. 
    • Example: If Base Unit is Piece and you define Dozen with Conversion Factor of 12, this means 12 Pieces = 1 Dozen
  • You may add a article if required.
  • Click SAVE, the unit is added.


To edit Unit, click on the  button:

  • The existing Unit detail can be viewed on the screen.
  • The name, Conversion factor and article can be updated.
  • Click on SAVE, to save the changes made.


To delete a Unit, click on  button:

  • A pop-up appears verifying the action.
  • Click on Yes if you are sure of deleting the Unit, else click No.