There are 2 parts to loyalty program: Setting up the loyalty program & redeeming the loyalty points.



To Set up the loyalty program:

  1. Click on the Sliding Menu (≡)

  2. Click on SETTINGS

  3. Click on the Loyalty Settings




  1. Purchase Points
    • It is the amount that a customer needs to spend in order to earn 1 loyalty point
    • Example: Rs. 100 is equal to 1 point (attached pic)

  2. Redeeming Points
    • It is the amount in Rupees that a customer receives by redeeming 1 loyalty point
    • Example: 1 point is equal to 1 rupee (attached pic)

  3. Customer Registration
    • These are the loyalty points that a customer receives at the time of their registration in the loyalty program

  4. Expiry
    • The number of days that customer’s loyalty points are valid for since the last purchase

  5. Notify
    • It directs the system to notify the customers ‘x’ days before their loyalty points expire
    • Example: The system will notify the customer 10 days before their loyalty points expire

  6. Click SAVE to complete the setup.


Refer the article for Billing to understand how to redeem the loyalty points.