To pay for a QueueBusterTM licence:

  1. Click on the Sliding Menu (≡)

  2. Click on Setup> Licence Payment

Buy Licence(s):

  • A list of all the licences assigned to your brand will appear.


  • Select the license for which the payment needs to be made.  
  • Select a payment plan: Monthly, Half Yearly or Annually.
  • Click PAY NOW
  • The total amount payable for all the selected licenses combined will appear on the button. 






  • The payment gateway will take you to a page where you can make the payment using Cards(Debit/Credit), Netbanking, Wallets or UPI.

  • Indian customers will pay through Razorpay payment gateway

  • International customers (from outside India) will pay through Paypal

  1. Fill in the credentials in accordance with the payment method chosen in step 5.

  2. Payment receipt will be sent to your registered email address

  3. Ensure that the expiry date of your renewed licence reflects the expected expiry date

  4. Reach to our customer support if you face any issue with respect to licence payments