Credit sales



To open Order Summary report:

  1. Click on the Sliding Menu (≡)

  2. Click on CREDIT SALES under REPORTS






  1. Enter customer phone number to fetch all credit invoices under his name

  2. Press SEARCH ICON to fetch all the credit invoices and the total amount due from the customer

  3. This total amount can now be settled from here itself

  4. Following is an example to show how the credit invoice settlement works in QueueBusterTM

    • Suppose, the customer has made 2 orders with a total amount of Rs. 1000

    • Also, the first order was of Rs. 300 and second was of Rs. 700

    • Now, let's say that the customer pays Rs. 500 in cash

    • Click on RECORD PAYMENT to record the payment of Rs. 500 cash by the customer

    • The system will automatically settle Rs. 300 to the first order and will mark it as paid and hence remove it from the list of credit invoices

    • The remaining Rs. 200 will be automatically settled to the second order with Rs. 500 still pending (as the order amount was Rs. 700)

    • The second order will be marked as partially paid in the system

    • Suppose that the customer pays remaining Rs. 500 in cash the next day

    • The system will now settle the second order as well and the customer will no longer have any open credit invoices left in his name