POS . Inventory . Loyalty . Payments
& Lots More...

Everything you need to start billing your customerswithin few minutes!

Mobile POS

Smartphone Billing

Make your smartphone a powerful billing machine with QueueBuster™

Manage Products

A complete product management suite with SKU level information.

Taxes & Charges

Manage multiple taxes & charges directly from the app or cloud.

Offers & Discounts

Apply spot discounts or from a list of pre-defined discounts.


Refund your customers with ease. No need to manage refunds on paper.

Work Offline

Works seamlessly without internet. Syncs data with the server once online.

Multiple Locations

Maintains your chain level information. Adding a new store is hassle-free.

Split Payments

Split a payment into multiple parts, viz. Cash, Cards, Vouchers etc.

Multi Currency

QueueBuster™ is designed for the world. Supports all global currencies.

Open Bill

Create a fixed value invoice. Useful for variable price shops where product prices keep changing.

Open Item

Create an item on the go and apply taxes and charges. No new product is created in the system.

Hardware Integrations

Integrated with various Printers, Barcode Scanners & Fingerprint readers.


Stock In

Manage your inventory stock-ins at the store level directly from the app.

Stock Out

Inventory moving out of the system through sale or wastage.

Stock Transfer

Transfer your inventory from one store or warehouse to another.

Stock Validation

Update your inventory levels after physical stock validation.

Stock Requisition

Bulk stock-in of inventory at store level against a requisition number.


Maintain vendors from who you buy your stock. Invoicing included.

Stock Reports

Know everything about your inventory in real time.

Stock Notifications

Get notified whenever the stock reduces below a pre-defined level.


Customers Data

Maintain your customer information. Know your loyal customers through their spending pattern.

Rewards Program

Reward your loyal customers with redeemable bonus points everytime they make a purchase.

Direct Marketing

Send promotional Emails and SMS to your customers directly from your admin panel.



Accept payments in cash. Maintain change tendered as well.


All global options like VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, AMEX, RuPay etc.


Maintain payments collected via mobile wallets separately.


Accept vouchers, like Sodexo, Groupon or Zeta, as payment.


Cheque payments can be accepted.

No Charge

Charge nothing for orders you wish to provide for FREE.

Split Payments

Split a payment into multiple parts, viz. Cash, Cards, Vouchers etc.

Multi Currency

Designed for the world. Supports all global currencies.



List all your employees and maintain their profiles. There is NO limit on the number of employees you create.


Admins, Managers & Executives can be assigned different set of permissions to access the system.

Multi-store Access

Allow your employees to work accross multiple stores. Useful for brands who keep rotating their staff.


Cloud Dashboard

Cloud (Web) based admin console to manage your entire chain.

One Stop Shop

Manage each & every module of your chain from a single console itself.

Anytime Anywhere

Access your data anytime anywhere. Available round the year.

Exhaustive Reports

Set of comprehensive reports about products, taxes, inventory etc.

Bulk Uploads

No need to worry about your huge catalogue. We upload data in bulk using Excel/CSV.

Multi-format Downloads

Download almost everything in Excel, CSV or PDF format.

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